unemployedCompanies closed. Professionals were being sacked. More and more people are now on the verge of being jobless because of the onset of the global economic crisis. From what started as a booming business of industrialism and free trade, many countries nowadays, especially those belonging in the first world like the United States of America, are now sites of recession.

Recession or the period of decline in any business activity after a phase of relative economic prosperity did became a major hitch in the global economic system. Many companies are now on the edge of closing down because of the steady decline of the global economic system. And like a domino set, as companies close, employees are being laid-off or worse terminated, people are finding themselves jobless and in turn the national economic system are in jeopardy.

Worldwide leaders are scrambling for treaties and acts that can save or even create as many jobs as possible for their citizens. Citizens in turn are now finding ways on how to earn money at other sources other than what they know they can do thus not only helping themselves but also their countries. Many more are still optimistic than they can pull it through this trying times. Many are becoming acquainted to the fact that it is indeed time for them to be versatile. Versatility is the key to grow in this society. Versatility can make an individual from nobody to somebody. Versatility can help anyone, a professional or not, get by day by day up until the time stability in the global economic system is established.

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